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Thursday, October 27, 2016

September 2016- Ellie 13 Months

Ellie's favorite thing to do in September was play in the water- mostly her new water table.
Anytime she can be outside wandering around in the grass with Kona she is a happy girl.

Another favorite activity is pulling out everything in every one's purses or the drawers. She loves unloading and reloading bags, buckets, and drawers. Another favorite is unfolding the laundry and opening and closing doors.
Ellie loves mimicking actions. She loves to pretend to be putting lotion and soap on peoples hands. And she loves to make the "Kevin McCallister" face with her hands.
In September Ellie learned how to give high fives and shake and do the "ET finger" on command. And she has become pretty great at blowing kisses.

Ellie stood on her own on Sept 8. She practiced a few times on the bed before this and then on that day stood up in the living room.
She loves to point at planes and helicopters and birds in the sky.

In September we celebrated Grandma Long's 60th birthday with a surprise party at our house. We also celebrated Aunt Amy's birthday in September and Grandparent's day.
We went to a car show in Monrovia and happened to meet Daniel Stern, who was nice enough to take a picture with Ellie and me.
Ellie went to her first Dodger game and it happened to be Vin Scully's last weekend announcing at Dodger Stadium.

September was a fun month, aside from the cold and small fever Ellie got. We played a lot, went on walks, went to the park, had a girls shopping day with the family.
And we grew some more teeth! All in a month's work!

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