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Monday, December 5, 2016

October 2016- Ellie 14 Months

We had a pretty busy October.

We went to the annual Cal Poly Pumpkin Patch and had lots of fun.
We went to the park a lot and played on the swings.

The most exciting thing we did in October was go to NYC (will post later).
Ellie did great on the plane, Mom not so much.
It was a great trip. Ellie loved the Big Apple, especially the Subway.

Back in California we took Ellie to the Alhambra Main Street Trick or Treating the Saturday before Halloween. Ellie was a lamb and it was a warm day so she was a very sweaty lamb.

It was fun to celebrate Ellie's 2nd Halloween. At the time she wasn't taking two many steps so we carried her around to neighbor's houses and she collected her candy. Next year should be a lot more fun for her to run around.

This was the month that Ellie became much more confident in her steps, although she still didn't take that many of them but she started to walk back and forth to us when we sat on the floor.
Ellie started being able to identify people "Where's Ellie?, Where's Daddy?, Where's Mommy". She had been able to point out Kona for quite some time.

She loves to point to the pumpkins when asked "Where's the pretty pumpkin?". Grandma Creekmur loves to play this game with her.
She also rubs her hands together when you say "Wash hands?" and she also loves to pretend to put lotion on other people's hands.

Ellie's favorite activity started in October, loving to unpack everything. She loves to unload purses and boxes.

Also, this month Ellie mastered drinking from a straw.

We had a great October!

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