Suddenly I See

Friday, March 3, 2017

December 2016

December was another fun and busy month.

Some notable events-
Getting a Christmas tree
going to look at Christmas lights
going to a family wedding
lots of Christmas shopping trips
first soft serve cone from McDonald's all to herself!
Celebrated Christmas with lots of family and lots of get togethers.

In December Ellie started saying "baby" and "shoes"
She learned how to peel clementines
She loves to smile on command 
and does pounds her chest when you tell her to "do the gorilla" and can do "the People's Elbow" thanks to Dad!
She also loves to smile very big when you tell her "smile"!
December was the first month that Ellie was really all over the place. She became really good at walking and now doesn't like to sit in her stroller or the shopping cart at stores.
Ellie really loves hearing all of the Christmas music.

What a great month it was getting ready for the holidays and celebrating Christmas!

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving started out with our annual hike. This year we went to the trail in La Verne behind Peggy and Vince's house. It was a beautiful day and Vickie joined us on the hike. I love this tradition. It always gets Thanksgiving off to a great start!

This year the Madores hosted Thanksgiving and so it was a bigger group. Vickie made a beautiful dinner for all of us. She is such a great hostess. We all enjoyed the food and the wonderful company.

Later we hosted Rodger's family at our house for dinner and since it was a smaller group we decided to order the turkey and a few sides from Stater Bros. We also added some other sides and some ribs, which were delicious. It was a fun gathering. (For some reason I have no pictures of this, there's always next time).

We are so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends and that we get to spend the holidays with them. 

Ellie had a great 2nd Thanksgiving!