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Wednesday, March 13, 2019


I turned 37 last month. Which sounds old, even though it's really not and I feel old. My body feels old.

My limbs hurt for like two weeks up until a couple of days ago. This seems to happen every few months or so. This time I decided to go to the doctor. I had blood work done and then more blood work all to find out that nothing is wrong. Which is great news! But my limbs still hurt. At this point I think it may be fibromyalgia or hormone related. I was told I could take a medicine that would help with the pain but I don't really want to.

All of that to say that I have embarked on the journey of a pain journal. As a 37 year old does. (just now I typed 27 and I thought, wow, that sounds so young. Will 37 seem young when I am 47? Probably.)

So I make a list of my pains for each day. Or, like yesterday, no pain! I don't know what good any of this will do but it will be there in writing.

One thing I always learn when I don't feel well is that I should be very grateful when I feel well. And I am! But I guess I just don't think about it as much until I don't feel well.

But health is a gift. And being 37 is a gift.

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