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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Ellie's First Birthday Party

On August 6th we celebrated Ellie's first birthday with a big party at our house in the backyard. We were so lucky to have so many family and friends join us for the day. I wish I had been able to take more pictures of everyone but we were just having too much fun. It was a real whirlwind of a day.

We had a Taco Guy and lots of snacks. Rodger's mom made egg rolls and chow mein. Aunt Vickie made Ellie's smash cake and Mom and I made lots of snacks.

It was a lot of fun getting ready for the big day and even more fun at the party.

We are so happy we got to celebrate our little girl's first birthday in such a big way. It felt like such a big milestone for all of us. The second birthday will probably be a bit more low key but I am glad that we went all out for this one. It was so much fun!





 Happy First Birthday to our little Ellie girl. We love you so much!

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