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Friday, September 9, 2016

August 2016- Twelve Months

August 3rd, 2016 was Ellie's First Birthday! We had a fun time celebrating.
We took a few days off to hang out and celebrate her birthday and get ready for the big first birthday party. We had breakfast with Grandma at Mimi's on her birthday and dinner out and a cupcakes to celebrate the day! The next day we went to the Arboretum.

Ellie's party was on the Saturday after her birthday! (See upcoming post). It was a great day filled with family, friends, food, and fun. What a day!

The rest of the month was filled with lots of fun. We swam a lot, went to the park, and hiked.
We took Ellie to Downtown Disney for her first Disney experience.
Ellie went to the doctor for her year check-up and got her shots.
At the appointment she weighed 19lbs, 29 inches tall, and head 18 inches circumference.
After her shots her Grandma Long asked her where it hurt in Cantonese and she pointed to her leg and did the same when you asked her in English. Bilingual already! She still points to her leg when you ask her, she really loves the attention!

Ellie really became such a big girl in August. And her goofy personality really started to show. She started making goofing smiles and faces. She started to put her head back when she was laughing. It's so cute!

She continues to love her Kona so much! Always hugs her and lays down on her back. Ellie continues to love to play in the water- even the dog water.

She got another tooth on the bottom and one more on the top.

She is getting so big and becoming a toddler. We love watching all the daily changes!
We just love her so much!

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