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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

May 2016- Nine Months

On May 3rd our little Ellie turned nine months old
May was a busy month
Started off on a little bit of a rough note- poor baby had a fever for a few days and had to go to the doctor. The fever went away and she got a rash so we think that it may have been roseola. No fun at all!
Later in the month Ellie had her nine month check-up with her doctor. She weighed 17.13lbs and about 27 1/2 inches tall. She was a little low on her iron so we have to take a vitamin and see how much that improves it.

At nine months Ellie is pulling herself up on to everything and loves to crawl around. She loves to be on the floor with Kona and give Kona lots of hugs. Ellie started to dance a lot with her arms. She bounces her arms up and down especially when she hears "The Office" theme song. She really loves music.
Her right top tooth started coming in and broke through the gum.
She continues to love raising her hands and arms and kicking up her foot in the high chair when she is eating.

We had a lot of fun in May.
We celebrated my first Mother's day. We all went to the beach and spent a fun day together. Such a happy day. Nothing makes me happier than being Ellie's mom.
Ellie and I went to Palm Desert with Rodger's sisters and my family.
We went on a weekend trip to Big Bear with Rodger's family.

May had lots of smiles, hugs, playing, and being together.
Our little girl is getting so big and we love her so much.

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