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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

April 2016- Eight Months

Our little girl turned eight months on April 3rd.
She is so mobile, crawling all over the place
She has a serious case of the wiggles all the time
She would prefer to be held but if that can't happen then her next favorite thing is to play on the ground and crawl around.

In April we went to Aunt Vickie gave us Lakers/Clippers tickets and Ellie got to go to her first basketball game. It was so important to us that she be able to see Kobe play before he retired (haha!). And he made one whole basket!

There were lots of walks to the park and playing with Kona.
Grandma Jenny was in China for most of the month so Ellie was at Grampam's and Aunt Peggy's a lot.
We also went to the Renesaince Faire.

In April Ellie started pointing at everything. She loves to use her pointer finger.
She loves to smile and laugh.
She started eating rice puffs and "mum mums"
On April 13th she said "Ma""Ma" or "Mom""Mom"
It makes me feel so loved and so special.

April was another great month with our baby girl!




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