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Thursday, December 3, 2015

September 2015- 1 month old

Ellie turned one month old on September 3rd.  

September held some milestones- she started cooing and she started to roll on her side (the doctor was impressed with this). Ellie took lots of naps and I usually joined her in an afternoon nap between episodes of Law and Order SVU On Netflix. Ellie continued to be super smiley.

Every morning she would grunt in her sleep. It would crack us up. She still grunts a little but not as much as she used to in the morning. Ellie still loved to be swaddled at this point although only with her arms out. Ellie started loosing her hair.

She spent a lot of time in her bounce chair next to us and a lot of time in our arms during this month, not much has changed from that now.

We spent our days nursing, walking around the neighborhood, hanging with friends and family, and shopping. It was HOT of course so we mostly stayed indoors with the air conditioning.She got to meet her new friend Polly and she got to meet her uncles Matt and David when they came from New York.

During the week it was mostly just the two of us and Kona relaxing on the couch. They were long good days filled with lots of cuddles and love.


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