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Thursday, December 3, 2015

October 2015

Ellie turned two months on October 3rd

October brought somewhat of a schedule for Ellie. She would wake up for a bit in the morning and then we would stay in bed and take a two hour nap so we were up around 9am-10am everyday. She then would take a small snooze in the morning and a long nap in the afternoon. This was most days. Some days less and some days not much of a nap at all.

As Ellie approached 12 weeks she was very fussy. I really think it was a bit of a transition for her into a new developmental stage. I think they come every six weeks. We would rock a lot and do a lot of cuddling. She had to cry a bit to get herself to sleep but she would eventually fall asleep in my arms most times.

She still liked sitting in her bouncer and sometimes her swing. But she wouldn't stay in her swing for long. 

We got out a little bit during the day here and there. We took excursions with Grandma and visited with friends, and hung out at Auntie Peggy's house.

We had Ellie's two month doctor appt. She weighed in at 11.5lbs and 22" long. She got two shots (so sad) and generally hated being at the doctor. 

We got to take Ellie to Cal Poly Pomona Pumpkin Festival. We were so excited to have her with us and to continue our tradition of going with her. We can't wait to take her every year. We also celebrated Kona's birthday.

The last week of October Ellie would get so upset and worked up that I was worried she may have an ear infection. I took her to the doctor and luckily she was fine. The doctor said she had a stuffy nose and that it would need to be cleared out before she nursed so that she could breath but other than that she was fine. I'm pretty sure she was just fussing because she was entering a new developemental stage. At that doctor appointment she weighed almost 14lbs. 

We celebrated Ellie's first Halloween.

It was another exciting month full of development and growth for Ellie (and me).

Going to her two month check-up appointment!

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