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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Cambria Pines Getaway Part One

Towards the end of last month Rodger, Kona, and I drove up the coast for a small trip to Cambria.

It was a nice little time away- relaxing and full of fresh air! The Cambria Pines Lodge is a cute little place with little cabins and trails and a great restaurant. We had dinner included with our stay for both nights we were there. The food there is really amazing. We had to eat outside because we had Kona with us but we met some nice people, even a couple that used to live in Glendora. 

We got to Cambria on Sunday afternoon and walked into the town. The town was getting ready for the Scarecrow Festival that they have every year and they had a lot of scarecrows outside of each store. We enjoyed looking at those, people certainly were very creative. My favorite on this walk was the Edward Scissorhands. We saw more the next day when we went on another walk.

We had a big dinner and a very restful night sleep.

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