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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Around Here

Around here we have been busy with our animals. Mostly with Kona but also with Sushi. I can tell she is not pleased with having a dog. She doesn't really hide her feelings, she spits at the dog and growls at her. But I think it's probably a good thing for now, makes Kona behave a little better. Hopefully once Kona is older her and Sushi can be friends.

Kona is HUGE. She is growing so fast. And seriously gets cuter every day. She has a collar and a leash now and we take her on walks. She tries to be a good girl but she's a puppy. Thursday when I came home from work she had broken out of the den and greeted me at the door. Not exactly what I was expecting. Sushi was spitting and there were shoes everywhere and all the cat food was gone. It must have been quite a day around here.

Also, the week before last I got my hair cut. I loved my long hair but the truth of the matter was that I didn't have the patience or make the time to deal with it. It was always snaggled and for the past few months falling out. I had been growing my hair out since 2005 and never really considered cutting it but recently figured why not. My hair grows fast and I didn't cut it too short. If I had the guts or my face was a little thinner I would cut it to look like Anne Hathaway's hair, which I think is adorable.

We have been getting quotes and preparing to get the kitchen remodeled. It will be nice to have a more use able kitchen. Right now there is hardly any counter space, the sink is super old, and the stove only works if you start the gas and then light a match.

But we are loving having a house and a yard.

And that's about it around here.

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