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Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanky Happsgiving 2012

I have lots to post about. We moved! And I want to post pictures and give details about the house. And also about how many improvements Rodger has made. It turns out to no one's surprise that I am not too helpful in the home improvement department.

My last minute Fall mantle decorating
But we will get to all that. Right now I want to post about this year's Thanksgiving. Since we just moved last weekend we knew it would be a stretch to have dinner here but we still wanted to do it. Usually for Thanksgiving I go to my Grandma Creekmur's house for Thanksgiving "lunch", and then Peggy's for my second meal for Mom's side of the family. Last year I added a third act and went to Rodger's moms also for the third meal of the day. This year we didn't do anything with my Dad's side of the family. It was too soon to get together after my grandma's passing so everyone just did there own thing. Not sure if it will be like this every year but that's how it was this year. 

Rodger's sisters came over with a turkey and other dishes to prepare. I made my Mom's sweet potato recipe and, of course, my green bean casserole. 

Anna and Amy cooked while Rodger and I went to Peggy's house for our first dinner with my Mom's side of the family. It was so nice to be together. And wonderful to have my Grandpa Garrett there this year. I love him so much. He looked so cute in his dress shirt and suspenders. We had great food. The mashed sweet potatoes and my Mom's corn casserole were the highlights for me. We missed the Madores, especially everyone's favorite little turkey. Definitely made us all look forward to being together for Christmas. (Or any other time we are all together for that matter).

Nothing says Thanksgiving like shorts and a t-shirt. It's been a bit warm lately.
We later headed back to our house. Anna and Amy did such a great job making everything. They are such hard workers. The food was great and it felt really nice to have dinner at our house. Even if the house isn't all put together yet.

The spread at Peggy and Vince's house

Mom, Peggy, and Denice. They put the lovely meal together.
The spread at our house.

Sushi's contribution. There was a sighting (by Rodger) of two coyotes and a cat. And well you do the math. And now I (and Sushi) am very nervous about her getting outside.
At was a nice Thanksgiving. Good to be with the family we saw and, of course, missed the family that we didn't see.

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