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Friday, November 9, 2012

She's a random post

Last Sunday night I ate ten dumplings. Luscious Dumplings moved in down the street and turned our world upside down. Monday morning, early, I woke up with a huge stomachache. I thought I was just really full. Then I threw up and other things for the next eight hours (off and on). I love those dumplings but now I associate them with being sick. Not the food poisoning kind of association that will swear you off of something forever (hello, chicken quesadilla at Baja Fresh *2002* or meatball sandwich from Subway *2006*) but still it's an association that I will have to work through because I love dumplings. This flu sucked. I tried to keep the drama to a minimum. Only a small amount of time laying on the hall floor, only one attempt to go to the hospital. But I did have a rough time. It was so bad that I didn't even care that the television wasn't on. It was on the wrong "source" and I couldn't get up to change it. I just lay there and moaned until my Mom came to make me feel better. I truly don't know that there is anything better in the whole world when you are sick than your Mom coming over to take care of you.

Tuesday I put up a valiant effort to go to work and made it there for a couple of hours but couldn't stick it out. I felt so dizzy and the only thing that helped was to lie down. I did trudge over to the grocery store on the way home. And later made it out to vote. I love to vote. Even if pretty much everything I voted for turned out the opposite of how I voted. Except for Obama of course. Apparently we are a liberal state that wants the death penalty and porn stars in condoms. Ah well.

Good news on Wednesday woke up back at 100% or whatever the equivalent is in the seven o clock hour of the morning.

The rest of the week pretty much consisted of laughing at blog comments, articles, and pictures of people reacting to Obama being reelected.  You would think the world is going to end. People have truly lost their minds. Got some chuckles out of this .

This one I chuckled at for quite some time. Rodger didn't think it was so funny. 
I would caption it "I'm taking my Mitt and going home".

It's all in good fun and seriously last time I checked our country is a democracy and their are many branches of government that control things. One person is not going to destroy the entire country. These people act like the guy was given a blank slate four years ago and turned the country upside down. He's doing his best! Maybe I am wrong. People really need to keep their wits about them though. I like to think that if Romney would have won I wouldn't have acted like this.

My packing kind of came to halt with the flu but will have to get back at it. Shit ain't gonna pack itself. Apparently. Rodger has stayed the course on his packing. And we did hire movers. What a noble profession! I am thankful that we will have a garage where I can store all the crap I don't want to look at but that my OCD (or Rodger' hoarding) won't let us get rid of.

Now it's Friday night. The Lakers coach got fired early today but judging by the amount of cursing from Rodger they still aren't playing any better.

Goodnight folks! Don't forget to tip your waitress. That way Obama can steal it and redistribute to all the lazy people who just choose to not get their lives together because they know the government will take care of them.


Eliza said...

re: the "lazy people," my favorite phrase is "bleeding our system dry."

Eliza said...

i love that pic by the way!

vickie said...

Chuckles all around.

Hearing you tell your sick story makes me look like a super hero. I was such a whiner but I don't recall thinking that the hospital was an option and I was actually glad to be back at work the next day. Who knew!

I love how cra cra people get about politics... Everyone loves passion, but this might be bordering on obsessive.