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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good times in our Apartment

Before I start blogging about our new house I wanted to post about our apartment (the latest that we moved out of). It was by far my favorite apartment of the three that I (and/or we) have lived in. I loved the central air conditioning, the dishwasher, the amount of kitchen counter space, the two bathrooms, my very large walk-in closet, the balcony, the trees outside by our balcony, the pool and lounge chairs, and a couple of the neighbors we had, among other things that I am sure I am not thinking of. Really there are not too many things that I can think of that I didn't like about it. Except maybe the thin walls and our last neighbors across the wall who were somewhat rude and also played their television full blast through the thin bedroom walls.

Rodger and I were discussing our favorite things and times in the apartment. We decided that the top memory was the wind storm and the subsequent power outage. The power outage wasn't so fun but it was a memory we have and will always link to that apartment. I remember waking up to the wind howling and Rodger looking out the window and saying some guy was basically blowing across the parking lot. Some trees fell down and our power was out for two and half days. I still crack up about us sitting in our living room listening to the hum of a neighbor's generator.

It was also the apartment we lived in after getting married. So that will always make it special.

Now we are in our house. And I am excited to start posting about it. Right now I will say that houses are a lot more work than apartments.

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