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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Our first house

We got the keys to our new house on November 13th. It was so exciting. We immediately started painting. Well after I put out two scarecrows I bought (the girl version had already lost her hair) and I couldn't get them to stick in the ground. Basically the scarecrows were a mess. Also while putting them out I dropped my car key into the rosebushes and it was a painful process trying to locate it. I also bought a bottle of Dr. Pepper for us to toast with and it exploded all over the floor in the living room. In other words it didn't take long for me to settle in.

That week that we got the keys Rodger and I came every night after work and painted and Rodger ripped up the carpet in the bedroom and stained the hardwood floor that was under the carpet. It was a very tiring week, working on the house till almost midnight and then driving back to the apartment. I'm not the type of person that goes for that sort of thing. (You know, thyroid and all). 

We hired movers to move our stuff that Saturday and we have been here since.

Here are pictures I took the night we got the keys.

I will have blogs of before and afters coming up. Some sooner than others. We actually haven't finished the after on some things. Also, want to do a post of our backyard. We have fruit trees!

Stole this picture from Redfin. I haven't taken a picture of the whole outside yet.
View when you come in the front door of the living room and dining room.

Living room

Dining room

The hearth.

These two are the kitchen. We are going to remodel it. There's not enough counter space. I don't mind the cupboards so much but Rodger doesn't like them. We are keeping the double ovens and dishwasher. Obviously.

This is the first bathroom which is off of the den which for some reason I can't post a picture of since Blogger won't let me. But the den is straight back from the front door and there are french double doors to the back yard. It's connected to the laundry room which is connected to the kitchen.

The first bedroom in the hall. It was one of their daughter's room. We are just going to make it into my office/craft room for now.

The main bathroom which doesn't look anything like this anymore. Thank God!

Our bedroom which now has the hardwood floors.

Not sure why the picture of the third bedroom didn't post. Rodger ripped up the carpets in there and we painted it. He is using it as his office.

So that's the tour. Be back soon with the after pictures of some of the rooms and how the house looks with all our stuff!

Thanks for joining the Dam tour. (A little "Vegas Vacation" humor for you).


Pam said...

It was a dam fine tour, Sparky.

Pam said...

It was a dam fine tour, Sparky.

Eliza said...

katie!! i love it!!!