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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Eye, Eye, Eye

The goings on around here include-

Moving our bed to the opposite wall because the neighbors blast their television at all hours and the walls are thin. (Always a fun Sunday night activity) I like the bed this way better, closer to the window fan and let's be real, the central air vent. The neighbor's noise really bothered Rodger a lot more than it did me (I am a people person) and I have to say he seems to be getting a little too much pleasure out of our television now being on the wall that we share with them. I think he even said "take that suckers".

I woke up with this beautiful blood spot in my eye this morning. Always nice when you get out of the shower and your husband points at your face and says "what's that?". I have never had one of these before. After some initial Google/ research apparently it's quite common. Either a blood vessel in my eye popped over night or I have my suspicions that when Sushi woke me up this morning (as she does every morning around six) her claw actually got in my eye ball (completely by accident) instead of the usual under eye that she pokes me on. I am still deciding whether a popped blood vessel or a claw to the eye is more appealing.

 My poor baby green.

Oh well, we are leaving for our belated honeymoon in Hawaii on Friday so I will just keep my sunglasses on. You better redneckognize.

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