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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hawaii Honeymoon Trip- Days 1 and 2 (Kauai)

One of the pools

Waimea Canyon, it is referred to as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific Islands

At Kauai Coffee Company
Beach in front of our hotel
Different view of Waimea Canyon

The Internet connection is tricky where we are staying. If you don't want to pay the expensive fee then you have to us it in the lounge or lobby of the hotel. But I can't get the pictures emailed from my phone to my because the Internet on my phone isn't working in the hotel and I left the cord in the room. So this post won't have pictures. Hopefully I can rectify that tomorrow and edit this post with pictures and my post tomorrow will have pictures as well.

We landed in Kauai yesterday midday. It's a small quiet island and the greenest place that I have ever seen. Probably why they call it the Garden Island. We checked into our hotel, Kauai Beach Resort, which is pretty close to the airport and kind of located centrally on the island which is good because you can drive to whichever places you want to go.

Yesterday, we were pretty wiped out. We just hung out by the pool and although it wasn't too sunny or warm we still had fun. The pools here are very cool. There is one with a big slide and there is another one with waterfalls and there a re a couple of Jacuzzis.

Our room has a view of the ocean. You can't really go into the water in front of the hotel. It has a strong current and is rocky but you can walk along it which we did yesterday. It really is very gorgeous.

It's a pretty quiet island. There isn't a lot of night life here. Mostly there is hiking and going in the water and that is stuff you can mostly only do during the day. Last night we went to WalMart and drove around and got a little dinner. We were exhausted from traveling and the time change and we went to bed pretty early.

Today we woke up early (for us) because of the time change and drove around the south side of the island. We stopped at Russian Fort (a beach) and drove up to Waimea Canyon where they have beautiful views. You will have to trust me until I am able to upload pictures. All of Kauai is a very picturesque place.

We came back to the hotel, took a nap, and then hung out by the pool. We are definitely in vacation mode. There have been sudden downpours of rain that come in quickly and leave just as quickly. Kind of cool.

Now we are hanging out in our hotel's lounge relaxing.

Tomorrow we made reservations for massages and will probably find a beach to go to.

Sorry. this blog post really isn't very exciting without pictures so hopefully I can add them tomorrow.


vickie said...

JEALOUS!!!! Have a great time and don't miss us too much.

vickie said...

JEALOUS!!!! Have a great time and don't miss us too much.