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Friday, August 3, 2012

Backyards and Bane

We put in a bid on a house. (BTW we are trying to buy a house. Who am I? Wasn't I just 12 like last week? Wasn't I just 22 yesterday? More precisely Rodger has money for a house and by default  we have money for a house). (And by default I mean that we have money for a house if our marriage license has ever actually been processed. If it hasn't then it's back to being Rodger's money.) (By default). 

Back to my original point. We put in this offer on a house that we fell in love with. Head over heals in love. It was like being 22 again and loving someone you barely knew but you were sure it was fate. So the bid was in, then the counter bid was in. Then everything was signed accept the last form by the seller saying that they would agree with a 45 day escrow. Then this afternoon they took another offer. Just like that. They clearly didn't understand our attachment to this plot of land. Did they not read our letter saying that we wanted to watch our kids run around the backyard? Oh, the backyard, it's what we fell in love with most. And I really did imagine our kids, all wild haired and naked running around the backyard. But apparently in our money driven society they liked the better offer more than our heartfelt letter.

We have the back-up offer in. But more than likely we will not be getting it. 

Time to move on to other houses. But I may never get over not having that backyard. Oh and don't even get me started about the extra room in the garage where I was going to have a craft room all to myself. I was going to put up beautiful wallpaper and picture collages and quotes. And I was going to buy thrifted furniture and just craft away. 

We must move forward. Something else will come along and there is no hurry but I think I will forever be in love with that house. Did I mention it was three houses down from a California Distinguished elementary school? Our kids could have walked to school. But there will be other houses, maybe even in that same area. And the other offer may fall through.

I would post pictures of the house and the backyard but I can't bring myself to do it. 

I do promise to post pictures of the house we do eventually get. The house that we will be mature about and not get attached to until we have the keys. That's what mature adults do.

But oh, that backyard!

I am going to go watch the Olympics now. Maybe Ryan Lotche will be walking around without his shirt on. 

And I will make Rodger do his "Bane" impersonation. 
"So you think darkness is your ally? You merely adapted to the dark. I was born in it. Molded by it."
If you have not seen that movie. You must. 
And Rodger's impression though is top notch.

I'm already feeling happier just thinking about it.

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Eliza said...

oh man...I have so been there. house hunting is SO EXHAUSTING. someday soon you will find one you love even more. fingers crossed. :)