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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My new nothing

At least two or three days of the week when I get off work I like to do as little as possible (actually it's more like my life's plan but it is fun to keep busy sometimes like Monday night I had dinner with my Mom at Peggy's and last night dinner with Jenn, Rhona, and Alex). But doing nothing has its appeal and I am always looking for new ways to enhance that idea. My latest is going to the pool. Round about 3pm when I am staring at my computer at work I start to think about basking in the sun. Some days round about 5:30pm I make my way out to the pool with towel, book, and water in hand. And I sit and do nothing. It's so nice to do nothing by the pool and it's so nice to do nothing in the sun. Unless you consider getting a tan doing something. I don't because then it wouldn't work into my plan. I really enjoy this new venture. I lay in the sun for about 45 minutes then I jump in the pool. I love putting my face in the water, so refreshing. Today I actually swam a bit. Did some freestyle and breaststroke and even about 10 yards of butterfly before I got winded. Dana Vollmer has got nothing one me.

That's where I am after work, usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Doing nothing was never so glamorous. Unless it's during the cold time of the year and then doing nothing is taking a warm shower and watching "Law and Order" and that's pretty glamorous too.

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Pam said...

You must get your love of doing nothing from your Mom. I am starting to excel at it. If it was an olympic event, pretty sure I would medal.