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Thursday, July 26, 2012

What up?

I really need to start blogging more. I enjoy it but as with most things I procrastinate and then I forget about what I was going to blog about in the first place.

So this is what I have been up to. I have a very high profile, social life.

I have been very busy stalking my niece via visits, emails, instagram, blogging, and Facebook. I cannot get enough of her. I love talking to Vickie and hearing Olivia in the background. I am head over heals in love with her. So that takes up a bit of my time.

I also like to follow Sushi around and take funny pictures of her. I have taken to calling her "lover" which gets some strange looks from Rodger. But Sushi knows what's up. We have a symbiotic relationship that way.

I have been hanging out by our pool more. It's been nice weather and the pool is really nice. Sometimes it does feel like Monrovia "rec swim" with the amount of people in there. I have to try not to think about the bacteria that is in the water. "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming".

Rodger and I went to Disneyland a few times in the past month. Disney California opened their new Cars Land so we have had fun looking around that. They also redid the main street of that park and opened a "Clarabelle's Ice Cream" which is so good! I love the mint chip ice cream in a waffle cone. Supposedly the ice cream is just "Dreyers" but I don't know, it tastes so good. Maybe everything at Disneyland tastes better. Or maybe you enjoy it more because you have to pay so much to buy anything to eat there. We have only gone on one ride at Cars Land because the lines are so long. We still need to go on the racers ride. I do like the rides at Disneyland and Disney California but mostly I just like walking around and enjoying the shops and atmosphere.

Something that does take up quite a bit of my time is watching crappy televison and some good televison. I have been watching "Virgin Diaries", holy moly is that a great show! You really coulnd't make that stuff up. What other crappy stuff have I been watching? Let's see, right now I am switching back and forth between "Wife Swap" (an old classic) and "Piers Morgan" interviewing Mitt Romney. I really don't like Piers, really wish Larry King was back. He truly was the king of bad interviews. Oh and I am watching the crappiest of it all, "Bachelor Pad". I have even recruited my Mom to watch. Rodger records a lot of the shows for us to watch, "Pawn Stars", "Hotel Impossible", "Restaurant Impossible", "Storage Wars". Also, "Shipping Wars" is coming back so we are pretty excited about that. We watched the first four seasons of "The Big Bang Theory". Love that show. I really enjoying watching shows on DVD or BluRay. It really takes all the suspense of out it because you don't have to wait for a week or all summer to watch the next episode. Let's see is that enough about tv? Did anyone even read this paragraph. I am pregnant. Just checking to see if you were reading. I am not pregnant. Oh wait, we also started watching "Breaking Bad", that would go in the good tv category.

I am taking this awful antibiotic for my bladder infection that makes me feel so sick so I am excited to take the last of those pills tomorrow.

So that's what's up.


Beth said...

You are not pregnant! But you do watch a lot of TV

Pam said...

Boy, that was quite the blog. Glad to be caught up with your tv watching. By the way, I am embarrassed to be watching Bachelor Pad and am only doing it for you!