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Sunday, July 15, 2012

A full Saturday for the Longs

Yesterday was such a nice day. I feel like I did so much!

Rodger went with some friends to "ComicCon" in San Diego. Doesn't he look so cute?

I started my day out by going out to see the Madores. I was so excited all week to see sweet little Olivia. She really is the sweetest most precious little baby. It's so funny that such a tiny little person is already so expressive. She makes the funniest faces, and has the cutest (biggest) yawn. And she loves to shoot her arms straight up in the air.

Vickie and I got to to go to lunch and talk and hang out. I am glad I was able to get her out of the house a little. It would be hard to be in your house 24/7 especially when the nights don't differentiate from the days much. It was also so great to see Paul and Vickie as parents. They are so good at it, they are attentive and know exactly what she needs. They are great parents. I love to hear Vickie talk about Olivia, "she's just adorable". And even Moe was happy to see me. As my Mom says, "Any old port in a storm". I thought that was the funniest thing when I first heard it.

I stayed for a few hours and visited and held the baby and watched her pee on Vickie. I just love my little niece so much. I already can't wait to see her again.

After I left their house I headed back this way and went to dinner with my Mom. Such a great meal. In my book it doesn't get much better than "Outback Steakhouse". It was a nice meal and great conversation.

Later that evening I went up to the Terrills to see Eliza and family. Jenn and Mandy came also and we had a great time sitting around chatting. I really love catching up with these ladies. The time always flies by. We had smores and lots of laughs.

I got home and went to bed. Rodger woke me up when he got home at 1:30am. He had a lot of fun at "ComicCon".

Really a great day for both of us. Family and friends, what could be better?


Alison said...

It's great to both have your own things to do when the other is busy. I've never been to a Comicon, but they do seem to be fun.

vickie said...

Olivia is so very lucky to have you for an Aunt. I already see her running to you when she cannot take her mother and father anymore. You are going to be such a great mentor and friend to her.
Just like you have been to me!