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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Olivia Hazelnut

My sister, Vickie, gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Olivia Hazel, on Wednesday July 4, 2012. What a wonderful day! I am so so happy to be an Aunt to sweet little Olivia. It was an honor to spend the day at the hospital waiting for the sweet little baby to be born. We all so anticipated getting to meet her and was it ever worth the wait! 

I was also so relieved and happy to see my sister after her exhausting almost 24 hours of labor. You must read Olivia's birth story here. The whole time Vickie was in labor my thoughts were constantly with her and what she was going through. Sisters are connected that way and it was such a relief when we knew her c-section was over and that her and the baby were safe and healthy. Mostly I just wanted to give Vickie a hug and tell her how proud of her I was. Birth is really a miraculous thing and I have so much respect for the women that do it. 

I will never forget seeing Olivia for the first time. What a great moment that was. A start of a beautiful relationship. I have a feeling that I (along with quite a few others) are going to be wrapped around her finger. 

Here are some pictures of the first couple of days of her life. I have more on my camera (these are from my phone) and will post those soon. Welcome to the world Olivia! 


I love this picture so much!
One of my favorite pictures, I just love the expression on her face,.


Eliza said...

awwww. so sweet.

vickie said...

Well there are those tears again. Thank you so much for posting this... I am so thankful to have you as a sister, and for Olivia to have you as an Aunt.

Love you!

Rhona Joyce said...

Thanks for posting a link to Olivia's birth story...tears...all I can say is I completely empathize...Vickie, you are amazing! Congratulations to your entire family. Love you all!