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Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Baby Shower for our Vickie and Olivia


On Saturday, June 2nd my Mom, Aunt Peggy, and I threw Vickie a baby shower at Peggy and Vince's house. They have a beautiful large backyard so it was a perfect location to have the special event. We did all of the decorations, ordered food from Claros,so yummy, highly reccomend it, and Peggy got the cupcakes from Cupcake Mama's, which were so good. 
Most of the decoration ideas came from Pinterest and we had fun making them.


The bassinet my Mom got full of goodies!

 Aunt Cindy, Vickie, Grandma C, and Lindsey
 Paul's Mom with Vickie and Mom

 I made the box with Olivia's initials and put all sorts of fun stuff for the baby inside.

  Peggy had these hats made.
My Mom crocheted this beautiful blanket.

 Grandma C got this cute newborn dress for her first great-grandchild.

 True Dat!

 Creekmur girl cousins!
Look how beautiful she is!

What a great day it was! And so fun to get ready and do the crafting!

Thank you to everyone who came! 

Oliva, I think you have enough stuff now. You can come anytime!

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Pam said...

Beautiful pictures. So much fun!