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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Disney Magic

Rodger and I went to Disneyland last night with some friends.

Disney California Adventures was having a special "World of Color" show for annual passholders after the park closed. Which meant I stayed up super late (for me). Disney gave out hats that had ears that lit up based on where you were standing during the show so that the ear color synchronized with the show.

Before the show we had dinner and checked out the new Cars Land. We had gone a couple of weeks ago but this time it was at night so it was a little different and this time we had more time to check out everything. It really reminds you of "Radiator Springs" from the movie and of family road trips on Route 66 through the Southwest.

We had a little time before the show and went to Disneyland to get on the Matterhorn. It was just redone. Seemed pretty much the same to me. The bob sleds are different. Everyone has there own seat now and I think they put in new abominable snowmen.

One of the new windows on "Buena Vista Street", the new entrance to DCA.

The Beach Boys performed while we ate dinner. :)

By the entrance of Cars Land

 The Matterhorn and the moon.

The lanterns over the Teacups

 This was during the show, the lights on the hats matched what was going on during the show.

The show truly was amazing. I don't know how Disney does it but they always seem to outdo themselves.

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