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Monday, April 9, 2012

Another Marriage Update from the Longs

Our first Easter as husband and wife

Something I have learned since getting married is that Rodger sometimes likes to wash his hair in the bathroom sink and in doing so takes the shampoo bottle with him. I (being a normal person) always wash my hair in the shower. What is really fun is when you are in the shower with wet hair and realize the shampoo bottle is by the sink. Nothing like getting out of the shower soaking wet and getting the clothes on the bathroom floor all wet. I can deal. But if he moves the conditioner, it's on.

At my bridal shower all of the guests wrote down a piece of marital advice for me. My friend Eliza's mom wrote "Never learn to mow the lawn". I thought that was great advice and put it to use yesterday when the toilet plugged up. Rodger was put in charge of dealing with that. It's really something the Head of Household should be doing, anyway.

This all works out well with just the slightest bit of communication. I left the house for a little while and then Rodger was gone when I got home. The toilet looked to be in good working condition so I figured it was taken care of. I gave it a test flush and watched the water spill all over the floor. I really did just stand there and watch thinking it would definitely stop but no it didn't. And then when I went to turn off the water I spilled the toilet cleaner all over the place. So I scooped out the excess water and left it for Rodger to deal with. I am never learning how to mow that lawn. I am not even touching the grass next time.

On a side note, don't think I am not perturbed that like three days after I join Instagram (not my fault it took so long for Android to get on board) Facebook buys them. I wanted to be cool for at least a little while. Although, if more people use it then I may have more than three followers. But does Facebook have to own everything? Next they will come after Blogger, and I shudder to even think it, Pinterist.

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