Suddenly I See

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

You find what you seek

When I saw this quote (via Pinterest, what isn't these days) I thought about my niece. My niece, boy do I like the sound of that.

When she enters the world I know she will have glittering eyes. I hope she holds on to that glitter always. I hope she looks at the world and see its endless possibilities, that every dream she imagines is possible. I hope she loves the unknown and seeks out the beauty and truth in all things and people. I hope she knows how magical life can be and I hope she knows that no matter what she does in life, where she goes, who she meets, no matter what choices she makes that her Aunt Katie will love her endlessly.
And I hope she knows how much magic she brings along just by being herself.

And then I think we should all believe this. We are never too old to look at the world with "glittering eyes" and we are never too old to believe in the magic of the world.

And I can't wait to read "Matilda" with that little girl.


Pam said...

Dittos from Grandma.

vickie said...

So sweet. And if you are around, there is no way that this little girl will ever forget to dream or enjoy the little things. You will be her wings, and I will be the arms in case she falls.

Thanks Auntie Katie!