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Thursday, April 5, 2012

First We Rehearse

Friday, March 2nd brought the day before the big day. There was loading and unloading of cars, setting up, nails, and spray tanning.

Matt, Jenn, Vickie, and I checked into the Doubletree in Monrovia and quickly got ready. Rodger and I got in a knock-down/drag -out on the phone (we were a little on edge thinking of everything that had to be done and when I say we I mean me) and then Jenn drove me to the rehearsal.

Everyone was there to help us get set-up and we ran through the ceremony a couple of times.All of our family and friends that were there really pitched in to help out and it is no understatement that without them we wouldn't have been able to do it.

We had our rehearsal dinner on the patio at "Peppers" in Arcadia. This dinner was a preview of what was to come the next day. I felt so surrounded by love and happiness. My heart fills when I even just think about it. To be with my family and Rodger's family and my closest friends and to be able to express our gratitude really set off the wedding right.

Being able to sit and chat with my best girlfriends was amazing. It was nothing but laughter and memories and sharing of stories. Every woman should be so lucky to have girlfriends like the ones I have.We ate, we laughed, we gave out gifts, and we wished each other all a good night with the excitement of the next day lingering in the air.

Back at the hotel Jenn, Matt, and I went in the jacuzzi and relaxed. I could certainly get used to all of this uninterrupted time with my favorite people.

And then it was lights out. Time to rest up for the big day!

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