Suddenly I See

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Just sitting here watching YouTube videos of Michael Jackson.

I think this one may be my favorite. I love the song but I think I love the slow dance with the crazy girl even more.

When we met with our D.J. a couple of months ago I told him I didn't want him to play any Chris Brown at the wedding and then I said that we would really like him to play a lot of Michael. I told him "so basically we are no on domestic violence but cool with child molesters".*

Really though I don't know that it gets any better than Michael Jackson. I mean he is one of those people that you could listen to sing on repeat and never get tired of him. I mean "Billie Jean", for the rest of my life? With a side of "The Way You Make Feel"? Sounds good.

And I think he is a good man. I don't think you can watch "This is It" and think otherwise. I think he was too young with too much money and the term "tortured artist" has never fit better. He didn't fit but he left behind something amazing.

That's all just wanted to speak of my love for M.J. And also, please no one say that Chris Brown, or Usher, for that matter, are the next M.J. It's not necessary. We don't need another one. After all, we have YouTube.

*I really don't believe that Michael was a child molester, but anything for a joke, right?


Pam said...

I think MJ was just naive and should have had better people around him. He was an amazing talent and I think if I had to pick just one artist to listen to the rest of my life it would be Michael (no offense to Tim McGraw, just saying).

vickie said...

I don't believe Mom for even a second... You know that Tim, Toby and at least Rod or Elton come in way before MJ.