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Friday, August 5, 2011

Road Trip Vacation Days Five, Six, and Seven

Days five and six of our vacation were spent in San Francisco.

On Thursday we walked from our Motor Lodge to The Disney Family History Museum in Golden Gate Park. They don't let you take pictures for the majority of the tour but take my word, it is worth seeing. They take you on the journey through Walt's life from childhood through his cartoon figures, to his animations and movie, to Disneyland through the end of his life. Along the way they tell you so much about his and his families' lives. What an incredible life Walt had. There is so much to be seen there and it was so impressive. At the end of the tour when they showed the news of his death and details of how he passed I have to say that I shed a tear. The cartoons of Mickey crying that ran in the papers didn't help. The museum had so many details of his life from the story of how he gave a dog to his wife for Christmas to letters he wrote to his sister to the telegrams that were sent to his wife after his death. It's a must visit for all Disney fans. If you are ever up there you should definitely check it out.

After the museum we continued on our very long walk to the Golden Gate Bridge. We walked to the bridge and across the bridge and back. As you can tell from the pictures it was a cold, windy, and foggy day. The bridge was quite crowded and even though I complained the whole time I am glad that we did it. A lot of people either walk or ride their bikes across the bridge. I think we were all moving faster than the cars. When we were off the bridge we had to make our way back to the hotel. That was a long walk and my legs and feet were so tired. But we did it!

That night we met up with my cousin Matt who happened to be in San Francisco also for a wedding. We had dinner with him and his friend Melissa. It was great to have dinner with them and it is always great to see Matt.

Friday we went to Alcatraz. I had been before but Rodger hadn't. I was so excited to see it again. I love to visit that place. Prisons and polygamy are two of my weird quirky obsessions which is fun because sometimes they go hand in hand.

Alcatraz was just as I remembered it. We went on the audio tour which takes you around the whole prison and gives you first hand accounts of what went on there.
We decided to leave San Francisco a day early and go back to Monterrey/Carmel. We stayed at a cute little hotel that brought us breakfast in a basket in the morning. Saturday was spent driving home.It was a great road trip! And it's always good to be home!

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