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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Road Trip Vacation Day Four

Our fourth day started off at the Monterrey Bay Aquarium.

We saw some great sea life.

We were able to watch a feeding. They had tuna, sardines, turtles, and other assorted fish all in one huge tank. The feeding that we saw was specifically for the sardines. They swam in a very large group and move in sync so to ward off the tuna from being able to see them and eat them. It was a very cool thing to see. The tuna would swim in to the group and the sardines would all move quickly around them.
Can't remember the name of this fish (another good reason to blog the same day you do something) but he was a very big guy.

Beautiful jellyfish

Another tank of sardines swimming in unison.

This was a baby otter and his surrogate mother. Someone found the baby on a beach by Morro Bay and it only weight about a pound. The Aquarium was able to take it and has been raising it. He was with one mother otter and then when they moved him out to the exhibit they put him with the surrogate mother below. They were so sweet together. I am not sure if it is too clear in the below picture but the mother otter is laying on her back with the baby on her stomach. It was just too cute, sad though because they will split them up when the baby is sent back east or to San Diego. The Aquarium worker said that they make it a gradual process as to decrease the anxiety for the otters as much as possible. Also sad, I got so excited to follow the otters around the tank that I smacked my head on the glass of the tank. Ouch!

Look at those cute little otter noses.
We did some shopping around Cannery Row (we were able to find the one we were looking for the night before) and had lunch at Bubba Gumps. We were able to take in the bay and see more Sea Lions before we left.
We made our way up to San Francisco. We decided the best idea would be to wait to leave Monterrey so that we would get to San Francisco right at rush hour. The only thing worse than driving there is driving there in rush hour.

We checked into our beautiful Motor Lodge (after one night there with very itchy linens we decided to only make our stay in San Francisco two nights and spend our last night back in the Monterrey/Carmel area). That night we walked to the Wharf and had a dinner by the pier and dessert and Ghiradellis.
It was SO cold and windy there. We definitely weren't prepared for the cold weather, I had one thin jacket and Rodger had a very light pull over. Thankfully I was able to find a cute little kitty hat (which I have wanted for a long time). You can kind of see it in the below picture. Now I look like Sushi. (Rodger hid the hat from me on the last day of vacation, guess he doesn't love it as much as I do).

I don't know why this stupid guy had to get in my Ghiradelli picture. Maybe he wanted to check out my cool hat.
Day five to come where I will post more pictures of our San Francisco adventures which included the longest walk ever!

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