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Monday, February 21, 2011

All Star Weekend

It was a three day weekend. It was glorious. Well except for the part where I was washing my hair and got a long stream of shampoo in both my eyes. Ouchhhhhhh!!!!!! My eyes burned so bad. But onward and upward.

Saturday was a low key day. Went for a run/walk,took a nap (fell asleep while listening to the rain), went to the mall, had dinner.

Sunday Rodger and I went to the zoo. It was a really pretty day and great weather to be outside in. We saw the new elephant exhibit, it's really cool, even if there are only three elephants. I also took a nap that day. Mmm, I love naps.

Today we went on a hike to the waterfall. It went pretty well, kind of sucked that after the hike was over we still had to walk up a steep hill to get back to our car but don't worry folks I made it. No nap today.

Throughout the weekend we watched the NBA all star games as well as other great TV (how funny was the Michael Scarn movie on "The Office"?). Another theme this weekend was "what do you want to eat?". Once one meal was over, it was on to figuring out the next.

Back to work tomorrow. I told Rodger that he should come to work with me tomorrow because I will miss him during the day. I told him we could call it "bring your fiance to work day." I don't think its going to happen though.

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