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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Man Room

I have never blogged about the new apartment. Been here since August and no pictures about it. I mean it is in pictures but I have never dedicated a blog to showing the apartment. Maybe that has something to do with not being completely unpacked, close to 95% unpacked just some stuff in boxes. You know how that goes? Oh you're not lazy and don't know how that goes?

I walked around the apartment looking for the cleanest room so I could post pictures of it. I came upon Rodger's room.

Rodger keeps all of his fun stuff here, you know, surfboard, bike, laptop, Buzz Lightyear, blu-rays.

We like to hang out in here. I watch television (surprise, surprise) and Rodger uses his laptop. I call it family time because as soon as we go in there Sushi saunters in and lays down on the top of the couch.

I will clean up the rest of the apartment, take pictures, and continue on with my virtual tour soon.

P.S. Please look for a few of my favorite things about this room- painted Michael Scott picture, framed puppy picture (we don't actually know that puppy, he's from a picture in Real Simple. We would like to know him, though), my Vinylmation collection, and all of the painted by pictures by local artist R.Long.

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Jenn said...

I am also lazy so I know how it goes. I like that Buzz Lightyear made it into a list of Rodger's fun things.