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Monday, October 4, 2010

For the love of weekends

Nothing kick starts the fall for me like the L.A. County fair, even if it is over a hundred degrees outside. This year's fair did not disappoint. My dad even gave us a behind the scenes tour of his work's exhibit. Very V.I.P. My parents, Rodger, and I enjoyed our annual trip to the fair. There was all the fair favorites, fried food, ice cream, animals, and exhibits. There was even an ice house. An actual frozen room, just the thing to combat the heat. These are pictures from the ice room. It had all these sculptures of ice. Really, if it didn't make me short of breath I could have stayed in there all night. I just love the fair, I can't say it enough. Already looking forward to going again next year. They should really make it a twice yearly event.


The fair was just the kick-off to a fun weekend. Friday night Rodger and I went to dinner with his cousin, Mindy, her husband Matt, and their son Malachi (and I am just now realizing that all of their names start with "M", little slow on the uptake I am). Malachi is the cutest little boy. Mindy was giving me all sorts of wedding ideas so that was fun.

This is the only picture I have of the weekend (besides the fair). Just so cutesy pie.


Saturday night my cousin Beth and her husband Matt (popular name) had a housewarming dinner. Their house is so cute and I am so happy for them. Thanks for having us over! It was great to catch up with family and hold her kitty Layla.

Sunday we relaxed because we deserve it. And we watched "Modern Family" season one because it is funny and we like to laugh.

And I love weekends for all of the above reasons.

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Pam said...

So much fun and that baby is adorable.