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Monday, September 27, 2010

Stay Hydrated My Friends

If you were in California today or know someone who was in California today you know it was freaking hot. Like Palm Springs in the middle of summer hot. Like sweat between the backs of your knees that won't stop hot. Like I have to sleep on my couch because it's right next to my air conditioner hot. Like I paid extra to get my soda in a Styrofoam cup at McDonalds hot. And I could go on and on.

So seeing this display below kind of cracked me up. This is outside of Albertsons. I can't imagine anyone was even thinking about Halloween today.

And I must say what a clever way to display soda. Gives me some ideas for our apartment. Maybe a cat face made up of twelve packs of Pepsi.

As cute as this was I think the more appropriate use of this soda today would have been on ice.

This evening I went to my aunt and uncles house for dinner and Yatzee. Half way through the game their power went out. This isn't their first time at this so they had good attitudes. Well maybe good isn't so much the word as sarcastic. There was the hunt for flashlights and then the candle lighting debacle with the "flame thrower".

But I laughed the hardest when Peggy relayed this story, "last time there was a power outage I took a bath and read the 'TV Guide' with a flashlight then I realized that was pointless". I'm still laughing. Peggy is so funny. And I am happy to report that she texted me not long ago to tell me their power was back on.

Here's to sweating less tomorrow.

And to the prospect of a cat-shaped soda display in our living room.

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