Suddenly I See

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Target and Spam

Target got new shopping carts! Very fun, nice and light.

God I love Target, it's being remodeled right now so it's not so great, but I do love a fun trip to Target. Remodeling will be done in October, just in time for fun Fall shopping.

It was a quick trip there tonight.

And then dinner at "B-Mans" where some of us ate this Spam concoction.

*pictures courtesy of my cell phone, which finally sends pictures in regular size again, albeit a little blurry.


Pam said...

....and some of us decided to just say no to the Spam concoction. I have to say, only you would have your picture taken with the new Target cart, not a bad thing, just saying.

vickie said...

What is B-Man's?

Rhona Joyce said...

Spam musubi! Love it :)