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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


It's been ten years since I graduated high school. I will save everyone the laments about how it doesn't seem that long and that the time went so fast. I actually feel like it's been ten years. Yes, time has gone by fast but it certainly doesn't feel like yesterday that I was eighteen.

So to commemorate this event I took my twenty eight year old self and my twenty five year old boyfriend (I will lament that it doesn't seem like I am twenty eight or that it has been five and a half years since Rodger and I have started dating) to my High School Reunion. I must say I am glad I went. I had my doubts and was pretty much only going to support Rhona. But once there I was happy I went. And I can't go any further in this blog without saying what an amazing job Rhona did putting together the reunion. And it's even more amazing what a great job she did considering everything she has on her plate.

I loved catching up with Mandy. How beautiful is she? She was there with her boyfriend Mark and I had such a good time with them. I can always count on laughing a lot when I am talking to Mandy. She is so funny.


Rhona had told me that Mandy was coming and I just thought when she asks me "where I am working" I am going to tell her I invented post its because I knew that she would laugh. But then I forgot. But I told her later anyway and she laughed so it worked out, sort of.

I also got to see Victor and that was a lot of fun. He is so funny and it was so great to see him. We decided we really have to hang out more. Or at least I decided that and he nodded along.



Me and the mommy-to-be. I loved watching every one's reactions when she would tell them she is pregnant. So cute!

Those are pretty much the only pictures that I have. It was a fun time. Thanks for putting together such a great party Rhona!


Eliza said...

So cute and I didn't know Rhona is pregnant! Great news!

Sorry I missed it. I loved all the pics on Facebook, there were a surprising number of people that I had completely forgotten even existed! I am one of those people who says, "Has it been ten years?" Not because it doesn't seem like a long time ago, but because it means we are getting old.

hanner said...

awww, victor. he has not changed one bit.

Rhona Joyce said...

Hi Eliza! You were one of the people I was really hoping to see but I completely understand that it probably would have been very difficult for you to come out to CA.

Katie, thanks for the compliments and seeing everyone having a great time made it all worth the work! I wish you had stayed to see all the fun dancing too! I know you came mostly to support me :) but I am glad you enjoyed yourself in the process! And thanks Rodger for being a trooper, sorry your ocean-loving buddy could not be there. LOL!

Jenn said...

I invented post-its! lol