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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The weekend Sushi got toothpaste on her head

oh yeah and it was Fourth of July too.

What is there not to love about the Fourth? Family, fireworks, and food.

There were games, barbecued fish and chicken, salads, and dessert from McDonalds.

The firework show was great.

And, it was a three day weekend!

*And Sushi had remnants of the toothpaste on her head for a good week. One might wonder how this sort of thing could happen. Actually if you know me you probably aren't wondering. But I will tell you anyway. I put toothpaste on my chin to get rid of a pimple and then the Sush rubbed her head against my chin and it got on her forehead. (do cats have foreheads?) Then I chased her around the house trying to get it off but she wasn't having it. Kind of like this morning when I tackled her on my bed so I could put her in the living room with the air conditioning. This cat, I swear she was some sort of desert animal in a previous life, she loves the heat. Maybe she was Cleopatra's cat. Is it possible that I have royalty right here laying on the end of my bed?


Pam said...

Anything is possible, I guess. I personally think she just likes to make you feel bad by staying in the sweltering bedroom.

Anonymous said...

來給你加油打氣,祝福大家開開心心。 ............................................................