Suddenly I See

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rockin the Oldies

My Grandma Garrett gave me these pictures along with some others.

These two of my cousin Matt and I made me melt. They were taken on my grandparent's kitchen floor in August of 1984. We have always been close. We are lucky to have gotten to grow up together and I love him very much.

This is the Garrett Family plus another woman, on the back of the picture it says Marion Bahr. Next to her is my great-uncle Bill, my mom, my grandma and my grandpa.
I think my grandpa looks so handsome. I just love how "fifties" this picture looks.


vickie said...

Love love love those pictures of you and Matt, but why do I feel like Matt is having trouble holding up his head in the second one...

Peggy said...

I thought the same thing about Matt's head! He was already carrying the weight of the world! It's so sweet!