Suddenly I See

Monday, November 16, 2009

Good Reads

Today I am thankful that I love to read. A gift bestowed from my mother, I believe.

Some people aren't into it but I enjoy a good book. I like to open them, read the words, and let my imagination fly. I enjoy fiction and non-fiction, in particular a good non-fiction polygamy book. I truly appreciate how a story, fake or real, can take you to a world you have never been.

I am reading an enthralling book now, "The Hour I First Believed" by Wally Lamb. I highly recommend it. It's one of those books that when you are reading it you can't put it down and when you aren't reading it you are thinking about the story. It's a book that will stay with you. It's amazing to me how a writer can paint an image in your head and it stays with you forever.

I would write more about my love of reading but that book and my pillow are calling my name.

Get the book, you won't be disappointed.

And thank you to the written word, you are always a good time.


Pam said...

There is nothing like a good book. Maybe its only me, but when a book is made into a movie, it is never as good. I think my imagination is always better, or maybe just different, than what I see in a movie. Glad you love to read - there is nothing like it. Well, except maybe a little Jon and Kate.

Peggy said...

Let's not forget that it's taken you how long to read this book??? Now wonder it's staying with you!