Suddenly I See

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Doe Muh Neeek

I got my hair colored today.

It had been awhile.







I am very thankful for my wonderful friend Dominique, who always does great things to my hair and my eyebrows and doesn't judge me too harshly for the way I treat my hair. And she has joined me on this many year adventure of growing out my hair.

This girl is a great talker, listener, hair washer, artist, and friend.

If you are looking for someone to do your hair she's your girl. Hire her for a wedding and she will knock your socks off. The "do" she gave me for Vickie's wedding is my all-time favorite. I can't even imagine how great my hair will look when I get married thanks to her. So if you need a hair girl, try Salon Charisma.

And one more reason I love her, she has been doing my hair since I was 21 and up until last month I have been pronouncing her name Dah moe neek, and she never corrected me.

I now say it correctly.

And I love my hair. When I said lets do some red streaks, she knew exactly what I envisioned.


Pam said...

Very pretty.

Eliza said...

Katie, your hair is SO LONG! I LOVE IT!

So much patience to grow it out for so long! It looks great.

Jenn said...

Really digging the new 'do. You're so purty!