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Monday, October 12, 2009

My sincerest apologies to my kidneys

I have a cold. This would be my second cold in less than a month but I fear this one may be worse than the last one. It's cold season so it's really no surprise and as long as I don't contract the Swine Flu I will take these colds all winter long.

I went to work today (what a trooper I am) and decided that I would need to take two Tylenol Cold pills to get through the morning. (These work really well, by the way). About an hour after this a staple got stuck in my finger, deep in my finger, like it took me a while to get it out. I will not scream, I will not cry, I will not scream, I will not cry. I must say I handled the situation very calmly, very unlike myself. After the blood situation was under control and I had rolled some white-out on the blood that spilled on my desk calendar I was left with a throbbing finger. So I took two Advil for the pain.

Uh oh, that would be four pills in less than an hours time with no breakfast on the stomach.

I don't know what it says about me or my body that I felt completely unphased by this. Not a single side effect but still will do my best to not make that mistake again.

Once again, dearest kidneys, my sincerest apologies.

Now back to treating my cold, aka laying in bed watching tv and eating cupcakes and keeping my germs to myself.


Pam said...

You are a trooper. With that said, I am taking my cold to bed to take a nap.

Peggy said...

You should file a workers comp claim for the staple in your finger. Trust me...I've seen stupider things when that was still part of my job. One foot on a banana peel, etc. You get it!

Alexandra said...

you're hurting your liver more than your kidneys. :P And don't worry, you're not hurting it that much.

Katie said...

I couldn't decide if it was liver or kidneys but I knew alcohol was bad for the liver and soda bad for the kidneys so I just flipped a coin (well not really).