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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maui Day Four

I will be honest we didn't do too much today. I had some stomach problems yesterday night complicated this afternoon by my choking on a Ritz cracker. Stupid thing scratched my throat and I think I gagged for like an hour and I can still feel it in my throat. We just decided to take it easy today.

This morning we went to Kaanapali Beach and went to Whalers Village, which is a mall. We looked around a bit and got a soda at McDonalds. First good soda I have had since we got here. Soda just tastes odd here. Whalers Village is right next to Black Rock beach which is behind the Sheraton and was the reason for our trip over this morning. Black Rock is supposed to be a really good snorkeling place and it did not disappoint.

We saw more fish than we did at our spot yesterday but it was more crowded and the water was a little choppier. This is Black Rock. We snorkeled around the cove in front of the rocks. Some people were brave and jumped off of the rocks, not us though. We weren't feeling that brave today. The beach at Black Rock was amazing. It looked like a big pool with the sand being the floor of the pool. It's so clear that you can see all the way to the floor of the beach.

The best part of the snorkeling experience today was that as we were swimming around we saw three sting rays swimming in v-formation and after a couple of minutes a fourth one swam over. Rodger and I kept looking at each other like "can you believe we are seeing this?" and also "can they hurt us?" There were also a ton of different schools of fish that we got to see.

When we got out of the water we noticed there was something going on down the beach. It was the annual swim from Lanai to Maui. It is a 9 1/2 mile swim and some people were doing it as a relay and 22 people were doing the whole swim. I was thinking Dad could organize a team for next year so we could all go to Maui together. I will swim a 1/4 mile and everyone else can cover the rest and Mom can be the cheering squad. Sound like a good idea? It would a good excuse to go to Maui.

Here is one of the participants finishing. You don't even need a wetsuit because the water is so warm.

This is Lanai from where I was standing on the beach so that you can get an idea of how far the swim is.

In the late afternoon we drove to Kahului and Wailuku to check out the area a little more. Kahului is the city that we flew into. We drove around and walked around the mall and had dinner.

We drove back to Lahaina in the dark which was a little scary. I have a fear of driving in the dark by the water but I did my best. We stopped at Lahaina Gelato on Front St. Very yummy and seems to be a popular spot there. We will be going back for more gelato.

We ended the night by going out to to the jacuzzi and talking to some fellow travelers. Everyone here is so friendly.

Tomorrow we plan on doing some more snorkeling and going to Kihei and Wailea (the South Shore) to check it out and you guessed it probably do some more snorkeling.

We are having a great time, Ritz cracker incident and all.


Pam said...

Beautiful pictures. If you do a quarter mile that only leaves about nine more for other people to cover. I would be a great cheerleader. Sorry about the cracker incident and hope you are feeling better today.

Peggy said...

Count me in as a cheerleader with your mother! In order for me to go, I would probably have to organize a fundraiser along the lines of the one Lucy and Ethel did when they raffled off the TV to pay for their trip to Europe! Who wouldn't want to contribute to the "Send Peggy to Hawaii" fund???
I'm hooked on your blog, by the way. Keep posting every day! I almost feel like I'm there!