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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Simple Salmon

I'll be honest "the cooking experiment" hasn't gotten off to the grand start I thought it would. I was about as lazy as I thought I would be though. It didn't happen Wednesday night but Saturday I really wanted to make a dessert that I had a recipe for. We didn't go to the grocery store that had the stuff I needed so I couldn't make it. Instead we went to Henry's, which I love for their fresh meat and produce and cheap prices.

Rodger and I picked out salmon. We love fresh salmon, it's a little expensive but still much cheaper than going out to dinner. We didn't follow a recipe and I will be honest Rodger cooked the salmon. I made a pasta side dish (wasn't on the plate yet when I took the picture) that turned out okay.

Basically Rodger gets credit for the first meal of "the cooking experiment" but at least we started. I say we like Rodger wanted anything to do with it. But he said I could put it on my blog and take credit for it. I won't do that but I did contribute so I will take some credit for the meal.

And I did make some instant pudding for us for dessert. My love affair with instant pudding has been reignited. Yummy. I made enough for four servings but I changed it into two large servings and pretty much ate all of it before Rodger had a chance to enjoy.

The result of this first meal is that the salmon was so yummy, the pasta dish was mediocre, the oranges were perfect (sprinkled in sugar just about everything is perfect), and I could eat my weight in warm bread and butter every night.

All in all a good start. Not quite the ambitious start I was going to have but still a start.

And tomorrow night I am making an actual dessert from an actual recipe. I won't tell you exactly what it is but I will say that it's a spin on one of the best parts of camping.

But for now I made more pudding and I am going to eat it, 3 whole servings this time. Maybe I will share or maybe not.

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Pam said...

Must be something to do with smores because that is pretty much the only thing you enjoy about camping!