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Saturday, August 29, 2009


Laying in bed looking on the internet and watching tv with Rodger. It's a warm one tonight. When the sun went away tonight it did not take the heat with it.

Got some stuff done today. Did some packing for Maui. Went to the mall this morning with my mom. Got a new purse and backpack for the trip.

Excited for Janelle's baby shower tomorrow. And excited to watch the Daytime Emmys tomorrow night. Lame? Probably.

Had sushi for dinner. Yummy. Miso soup and the Las Vegas roll. Mmmmmm...........

Thinking about my cousin Beth's husband fighting the fire in the La Canada area. That's a tough job, fighting fires. It might be tougher on Beth though but I think that she is just the girl for the job. Me, not so much. But her, yes. We were at Petsmart tonight and a man was buying stuff for his animals. He has four cats and one dog and was evacuated from his Altadena home. Hopefully the firefighters can get a handle on the situation soon and hopefully the heat lets up very soon.

Watching an Elvis documentary on PBS and Rodger is singing "Love Me Tender" into my ear. I am a sucker for his Elvis voice. It melts me.

Saturday nights are so relaxing. I love them, even with heat and all.

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Pam said...

You are so right, the sun went down and all it got was dark, not cooler. Have to admit though, those roaring infernos make for beautiful sunsets. My glass half full scenario.