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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Cooking Challenge

I am making a challenge to myself partly inspired by "Julie and Julia", which I haven't seen yet but really want to, but mostly as a goal/challenge to myself.

I am going to cook something new once a week. I want to do this partly to expand my cooking/recipe/food repertoire and partly because I have some great recipes I want to try but never seem to get around to. And also because it will be good to cook in my kitchen more.

I have some cookbooks, online recipes, and good meal ideas from friends and family that I have been wanting to try and I think that this challenge will give me the initiative I have been needing. I also recently subscribed to "Everyday Rachael Ray" and I want to try those recipes. This self imposed challenge will give me the "get up and go" I need to get cooking.

I will make dinners, deserts, drinks, appetizers, whatever sounds good that week and fits into the schedule and then I will blog the recipe, the cooking experience, the result, and the reactions.

I am pretty excited about this.

It starts next week. Probably Wednesday night, probably start with a dinner.

My apron and cooking utensils are ready and SO AM I.


Pam said...

Good for you Katie - I hope I am invited to one of your cooking experiences!

Peggy said...

I certainly hope your challenge to try to cook something new once a week works out better than Ross's resolution to try something new every day! Just stay away from leather pants and you should be okay!

Peggy said...
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Katie said...

Oh i love the leather pants episode. I love when he smacks himself in the face when he is putting on lotion.