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Monday, June 22, 2009

Oh the fun we had!

This past weekend was AWESOME!

There was a lot going on but I loved every single minute of it.

We had-

Justin's (my cousin) High School Graduation
Matt/Vickie/Katie dinner and slumber party
Becky's (another cousin) wedding shower
Goodbye/Graduation party for Cory and Justin
Father's Day dinner

Highlights include but are not limited to-

-Going to Pavilions Friday morning to buy wine for Vickie and Matt for that night and the cashier asking if I was 21, looking at my I.D. and then saying "you are old" in sincere surprise. Made me laugh out loud.

-Falling over laughing at the outfits of mine that Vickie was trying on because she forgot her jeans. The best was the dress with her wedge heels.

-Texting my aunt "inside jokes" during graduation.

-My mom hobbling around the graduation taking pictures and my sister and I laughing hysterically. We weren't laughing at you Mom, we were laughing with you.

-Dinner at Maria's with Matt and Vickie.

-My second trip to Pavilions where another cashier laughed at the picture on my I.D. I look young in the picture I guess, well it was nine years ago.

-My cousin Matt being legitimately surprised that I have a nice, clean apartment with furniture. I crack up thinking about what he thought my apartment was going to look like.

-Vickie and Matt's deep spiritual conversation at 1am.

-Getting to be around Matt and Vickie for 16 hours straight. (Will you guys move in with me?)

-My sister and I talking to my mom on speaker phone Saturday morning.

-My mom shutting the shower present in the bathroom so that the cats wouldn't bother it and me opening the door to get it and one of the cats runs out of the bathroom.

-Bridal shower tea with some of my favorite ladies.

-My mom moving away from my sister and I at the tea. Hmm, I think we're funny.

-The fun bbq with everyone and listening to Rodger talk to Vince about the Lakers and my aunt just throwing in a sarcastic "I just love Kobe" every now and then.

-The kittens that have decided to make my aunt and uncle's backyard their home. They were so cute to cuddle with.

-All the laughter at the bbq.

-Shopping with Rodger Saturday afternoon.

-Dinner for Father's Day at Los Guerros with my parents, the Madores, and Rodger.

-Watching "Moving Up" with Rodger and all the general fun we had together. (Will you move in with me?) (this is going to be a full apartment.)

-My amazing two hour Sunday nap.

-Hanging out with my parents Sunday night.

I told you it was a busy weekend right? I loved getting to be around so much of my family. They make me laugh non-stop. I was sad after the festivities were over because I just had such a great time. But there is always next time. Thanks to everyone who made the weekend so much fun.


Pam said...

It was a great weekend. However,I must add that I really don't think you were laughing with me, because I was not laughing. Especially after the girl stepped on my poor sprained foot. My highlight was getting to see nearly everyone on both sides of the family. Wish it would happen more often.

vickie said...

Genuinely a great weekend. I had a great time and I too loved the cat in the bathroom moment and the religion conversation at 1am... Who doesn't love that?

I think that Mom was laughing she just does not want to admitt it.

vickie said...
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