Suddenly I See

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!

Today is my cousin Beth's 28th Birthday.

Katie, Vickie, and Beth

We share the special "23" birthday, she was born exactly eight months before me. She even got married on a 23rd. Maybe I will have to also.

She's an awesome cousin and an awesome person.

Every girl needs a cousin like her- she's strong, fun, funny, a great listener. She gives great advice, will pick you up in the middle of the night from a Halloween party when you just have to see her. Speaking of parties she throws a great one! And when you need her she'll go above and beyond anything you ever imagined.

She loves cats, Coachella, Betty Page, traveling, her family, and her husband.


And I love her.


vickie said...

LOve all the pictures and the good times!

Beth said...

awww Katie this is so sweet! I love you so much!!!