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Friday, May 29, 2009

Time for bed

It's almost midnight and I am still awake. Kind of a rare thing for me. Usually I sleep around 11ish. Lately I stay awake later, not sure why. I value sleep so much. I really need eight to nine hours a night. The past few nights I just haven't been sleepy. Well actually last night I took an antihistamine so I knocked out. I had a tummy ache and that's supposed to relax your stomach. Either that or I wanted a full night's sleep.

The point is I am awake at midnight.

I am watching the last episode of "The Tonight Show", well the last one at 11:35pm anyway
I watched Chelsea Lately but it was a rerun. I still laughed so I guess it's all the same
I have played about 75 games of Scramble on Facebook. Obsessed? yes.
I am thinking about cleaning my apartment in the morning. It could happen.
I am thinking I really need to start reading "The Hour I First Believed" that Vickie gave me for Christmas. Not tonight though.

Reflecting on the evening which included

Rodger fixing my computer
Eating a caprise sandwich, mmmmmmmmmmm cheeeeeeeeeeese
High Fiving Rodger after the Laker's win but feeling sorry for my cousin Matt who had tickets to game seven
watching old You Tube videos of Triumph the Insult Dog at a Star Wars convention, lots of laughing from Rodger and me
saying goodnight to Rodger

which has all led to me sitting here blogging because I can't sleep.

Should I take a Tylenol PM? Mix it up a little? I will be honest, right before you nod off there is a nice relaxed feeling that comes from taking those. Nowhere near as nice as the feeling of the drug they give you at the dentist when they are putting you under but a lot cheaper and lot less painful.

Am I still rambling.

I think its time to find her

and spoon.


Pam said...

Didn't know you were having trouble sleeping - you could have called, I never sleep well. Glad you found things to amuse yourself with, nothing like cuddling a kitty to put you to sleep.

Alexandra said...

Hey, who told you that about antihistamines? They'll help you get to sleep, but they shouldn't really do anything for stomach pain unless it's upset as a result of some kind of allergy, but even then they won't do much.

Try melatonin for a sort of gentle natural sleep aid. Or meditation before bed...that helps me sometimes.

Pam said...

I read in Dr. Gott's column (in our Star News) that antihistimine can calm an upset stomach if taken before the nausea really sets in. I have tried it, and either it just puts me to sleep before it gets too bad, or it really works. Either way......

Katie said...

Everyone I know takes the Melatonin, I really should go for that for a less drugged out feeling. Thanks for the advice. It's nice to have a doctor friend. I will have to ask you about a possible brain tumor I may have.

Alexandra said...

I think they probably just knock you out...I looked it up to be sure, and I couldn't find anything about using antihistamines for nausea. But hey, if it works...

I am happy to be your doctor friend, but please take my advice with a grain of salt until I'm actually a doctor.

Alexandra said...

OK I'm obsessing over this a little. It seems that antihistamines work for motion sickness (Dramamine is an antihistamine), and may do something to relax your stomach muscles. So they don't do much for nausea directly except knock you out, but if your stomach is crampy, then they might work. And so they would reduce any nausea associated with the crampiness or dizziness.

This is why you shouldn't really listen to me yet about these things.