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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bad Girlfriend

I may or may not have told Rodger that I hoped the Lakers lose tonight so that these playoffs can be over soon. This is akin to kicking his dog. He loves the Lakers, so do I but not with the same fervor. I can explain though, this was all said in the heat of the moment. You see my computer keeps "forcing" me to download these "security" programs that apparently are viruses. This happened Saturday and Rodger fixed it. I didn't think it was too much to ask for him to drive over and fix my mess again. I don't get this technological stuff and truth be told it's making me really cranky. It would make you cranky too. Already while typing this post I have had to click out of the stupid WinAp program five times and don't even get me started on trying to play Scramble on Facebook. It really messes up my score when I constantly have to click out of these "warnings".

In all sincerity I absolutely do not want the Lakers to lose. I want them to beat Denver in this series and then win the finals. The Lakers haven't won a finals since Rodger and I have been together (I think, I am pretty sure) and I really would like to see what Rodger's face looks like when the Lakers win a championship. Can you dig it?

So, I apologize for my harsh words Rodger. But you still have to fix the computer for me asap (as well as any subsequent times that I mess it up).

Go Lakers!

I love you Odom!

P.S. I think my post brought the Lakers good luck, since I started typing this they have gained ten points on the Nuggets.

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hanner said...

"caaaan yooooou diiiig iiiiit???"

i forgot about that. ahhh 2000.